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Why Dainik Jagran?

With an estimated 16.4 million readers for every issue on an average, Dainik Jagran is the most read newspaper in the world. Dainik Jagran was launched in Jhansi in the year 1942 to support India’s freedom struggle & give voice to numerous nationalistic concerns. Today, the newspaper is available in 27 cities & towns, and is a great advertising medium. The points listed below prove that Dainik Jagran is a top advertising platform:

•  Dainik Jagran is not only the most widely read newspaper in India, it is the most widely read newspaper in the world.

•  According to BBC-Reuters, Dainik Jagran is one of the most credible and reliable news sources in India.

•  Dainik Jagran’s advertising rates are economical.

Dainik Jagran usually features 3 types of advertisements:

•  Classified Text Ads

•  Classified Display Ads

•  Display Ads

You can utilize the aforementioned ad types for a variety of ad categories such as Matrimonial, Public Notices & Tenders, and Property Ads, etc. 

You can book your ads on Dainik Jagran Newspaper in 3 simple steps - 1) Choose ad category & location, 2) Compose your ad & finally, 3) Select advertising dates & clear payment via a host of online & offline means.

All transactions made on the website are secured by an SSL encryption which protects your money.

Additional Information

releaseMyAd is accredited by the Indian Newspaper Society (INS), the primary governing body for newspapers in India. The INS certificate makes us an authorized & trustworthy advertising agency for booking your ads.

In Dainik Jagran, you can book your ads under the following ad types, which have also been described: 

•  Classified Text: Classified text ads are simple ads written in shorthand, without any photographs. One can, however, add borders, background colours, and checkmarks. These ads are charged based on the number of lines your ad runs. 

•  Classified Display: Classified text ads are midway between classified text & regular display ads. You can add company logos, colour photographs & customize fonts. These ads are charged on the basis of area.

•  Display: Display ads allow advertisers to reach their maximum creative potential, and put it down on paper. Display ads can include detailed graphics, any font size/colour and can be printed in any language.These ads are also charged on the basis of area. 

Now, to book your ads on Dainik Jagran, take the following steps:

1.  Choose your Ad Category & Advertising Location

2.  Compose, design or upload your ad. If you do not have ready ad material for your display or classified display ad, you can ask for our help in creative development.

3.  Select Date(s) & clear payment via a host of online and offline methods.

All online transactions that take place on our website are secured by SSL encryption, which keeps unwanted third parties away.

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