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Pave new paths or as they say in Hindi “Nai Rahein” for the job seekers by advertising your employee needs and company requirements with the Appointment Pullout of Dainik Jagran. Advertise under “nai rahein” of the Dainik Jagran ,an extremely good platform to inform the seekers about a vacancy in your reputed organisation!

Booking Deadline
2 day prior to release date
Minimum Size
6 cms (W) x 6cms (H)
Minimum Size
6 cms (W) x 6cms (H)

Where is Nai Rahein published from ?


Location Publishing Days Ad Rate Starting From
DelhiTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
LucknowTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KanpurAll DaysRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
VaranasiTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
BhatindaTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
MeerutTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
PatnaTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
GorakhpurTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
BhagalpurTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
GayaAll DaysRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
MuzaffarpurTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
AgraTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
AllahabadTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
BareillyTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
DehradunTuesdayRs. 3199 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Rai BareillyAll DaysRs. 486 /sqcmBOOK NOW
MoradabadTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
JhansiAll DaysRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
HisarTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
AligarhTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
LudhianaTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
PatialaTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
NainitalSundayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
BhopalAll DaysRs. bw /sqcmBOOK NOW
DhanbadTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
JamshedpurTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
PanipatTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
RohtakAll DaysRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
AmritsarTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
RanchiTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
JalandharTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
GhaziabadTuesdayRs. 3199 /sqcmBOOK NOW
AsansolAll DaysRs. 135 /sqcmBOOK NOW
SiliguriTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Jammu and KashmirTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
RewaAll DaysRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
DharamshalaTuesdayRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KolkataAll DaysRs. 720 /sqcmBOOK NOW

Select a Discount Package


Nai Rahein (Greater Punjab)
Rs. 899 / sqcm Book Now
Nai Rahien (UP + Uttarkhand + Delhi + NCR)
Rs. 3199 / sqcm Book Now
Nai Rahein (Bihar + Jharkhand + West Bengal)
Rs. 899 / sqcm Book Now

Innovation Option


Jacket Full Page Ad
33cm x 52cm
These display ads are placed on the Front Page of the newspaper on both the sides. They are available in the dimensions of 33 cm X 48cm
Half jackets Ad
16.5cm x 52cm
These display ads appear on half of the front page in a newspaper. Half-Jacket ads are available in 16.5 cm X 52 cm dimensions.
Book Mark Ad
3cm x 52cm
Bookmark ads peek out of the newspapers just like a normal bookmark marking the page where your ad has appeared. You can choose to book a full/half-page ad in this case.
Pointers Ad
4cm x 5 cm
Pointer ad appears on the left-most column of the main page. This small ad appears in 4 cm X 5 cm size.
SkyBus Ad
33cm X 5cm
These ads materialize under the masthead of the newspaper in the main page and are 33 cm in length and 5cm in width
Advertorial Ad
Any Size
Publish an article about your product / service - to be placed alongside regular editorial content. You get to choose your headline, text & visuals.

Why advertise in Nai Rahein ?

WHY ADVERTISE IN Dainik Jagran Nai Rahein?


Dainik Jagran Nai Rahein is India’s largest and most widely circulated Recruitment pullout. It is one of the best platforms for both recruiters and job seekers. Advertising your company or inviting suitable candidates via Nai Rahein ensures maximum relevant responses from talented bona fide candidates.

Advertising on Dainik Jagran Nai Rahein has several advantages like:

Being the most widely circulated recruitment pullout of India, Dainik Jagran Nai Rahein provides a unique platform of advertisement to both Indian as well as Foreign companies.

Nai Rahein is one of the best mediums to search for senior level job posts and is accessible to the most talented and genuine job seekers.

You can pluck out the best candidates by advertising through Dainik Jagran Nai Rahein and make their dreams come true Tuesday!!

So what are you waiting for? Book your Nai Rahein Recruitment Ad Now!