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Display AD RATES

Edition Circulation Display Ad
Agra1.5 L( Copies)Rs. 1099 / sqcm
Aligarh72 K( Copies)Rs. 549 / sqcm
Allahabad1 L( Copies)Rs. 989 / sqcm
Amritsar45 L( Copies)Rs. 769 / sqcm
Asansol25 K( Copies)Rs. 225 / sqcm
Bareilly1 L( Copies)Rs. 769 / sqcm
Bhagalpur2 L( Copies)Rs. 769 / sqcm
Bhatinda3 L( Copies)Rs. 439 / sqcm
Bhopal65 K( Copies)Rs. 1050 / sqcm
BulandsaharRs. 300 / sqcm
Dehradun1 L( Copies)Rs. 1539 / sqcm
Delhi5 L( Copies)Rs. 2529 / sqcm
Dhanbad65 K( Copies)Rs. 549 / sqcm
Dharamshala11 K( Copies)Rs. 659 / sqcm
Gaya1.5 L( Copies)Rs. 549 / sqcm
Ghaziabad30 K( Copies)Rs. 1539 / sqcm
Gorakhpur1.7 L( Copies)Rs. 989 / sqcm
Greater NoidaRs. 95 / sqcm
Hisar80 K( Copies)Rs. 659 / sqcm
Jalandhar42 K( Copies)Rs. 769 / sqcm
Jammu and Kashmir19 K( Copies)Rs. 659 / sqcm
Jamshedpur56 K( Copies)Rs. 549 / sqcm
Jhansi82 K( Copies)Rs. 549 / sqcm
Kanpur4 L( Copies)Rs. 2199 / sqcm
Kolkata9 K( Copies)Rs. 439 / sqcm
Lucknow4 L( Copies)Rs. 2199 / sqcm
Ludhiana67 K( Copies)Rs. 989 / sqcm
Meerut3 L( Copies)Rs. 1429 / sqcm
Moradabad96 K( Copies)Rs. 659 / sqcm
Muzaffarpur2 L( Copies)Rs. 769 / sqcm
Nainital66 K( Copies)Rs. 659 / sqcm
Panipat47 K( Copies)Rs. 769 / sqcm
Patiala67 K( Copies)Rs. 439 / sqcm
Patna2.5 L( Copies)Rs. 2199 / sqcm
Rai Bareilly1 L( Copies)Rs. 810 / sqcm
Ranchi44 K( Copies)Rs. 879 / sqcm
Rewa12 K( Copies)Rs. 550 / sqcm
Rohtak45 K( Copies)Rs. 439 / sqcm
Siliguri22 K( Copies)Rs. 439 / sqcm
Varanasi3.5 L( Copies)Rs. 1539 / sqcm


Frequently Asked Questions

Please be informed that a 2 Column by 8 cm ad would be a Display ad and will be charged according to the size of the ad on per sq.cm basis. Should you like to continue booking the ad in Dainik Jagran, please visit the following link: https://dainikjagran.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php. On this page you can specify the ad size and review the exact ad rates as per different locations. From here on you can go on to booking your Dainik Jagran ad with the help of our pre designed templates and design it by editing the header and footer colours, text formatting, uploading images etc. You can also upload your own ad and review the exact rates as soon as you ad confirm the release dates.
Dear Customer! As per your requirement, in order to get the rates, ad sizes and preferred number of page in the newspaper, please visit the Display Ad Rates page of Dainik Jagran. Click on the main edition or any preferred supplement page of the chosen newspaper. This will display the locations where the newspaper is circulated. Select Muzaffarpur as your preferred edition and proceed to the ad rates page. Here you have to select the size of the ad as half page 33 cm x 25 cm and its position in the preferred newspaper page as 3rd page. This will give you the estimated cost that you’ll be charged for booking your ad. However the final cost will vary depending on your actual ad size based on your designed/uploaded ad in the next step. Once your ad has been composed, proceed to the next step of composing and creating your ad and then proceed to confirm your ad release date(s) in the chosen newspaper. Also please ensure that the ad is booked and payments are cleared at least 2-3 days in prior to the ad release dates. In order to get more guidance and help regarding the ad booking process, you may visit the Online Booking Tutorial on how to book an ad through our website instantly and most conveniently.  
Please know that as per your requirement, you intend to book a Display ad and these ads are charged on the basis of their size in per sq.cm unit. In case you intend to publish a Display ad in Dainik Jagran for multiple editions, then click on Dainik Jagran Display Ad Rates, then choose the preferred ad size as 8 cm X 8 cm or as per the suggestions provided. You can review the exact ad rates for each edition and you can choose individual editions accordingly or select any of the suitable packages available for Bihar, UP and Jharkhand. Please ensure that you compose the ad and confirm the ad release dates at least 2-3 days in advance to make sure that the ad is released on time in your preferred newspaper. Also the payment must be cleared at the same time through our online or offline payment mediums as per your convenience.

Booking Process

How are Dainik Jagran Display ads priced?

Being the leading Dainik Jagran ad booking agents we offer the most competitive ad rates for your display Ads.

  1. Display Ads in Dainik Jagran can be published in the main newspaper as well as the various category specific pullouts mentioned on the top of this page.The advertisement cost thus depends on your choice of edition and also location.
  2. The advertisement cost is calculated per square cm of area covered . The rate also varies depending on whether the ad is coloured or black & white.
  3. A major decider of display ad rate is its positioning- Front Page, Back Page, Page 3 etc as well as its format-half ,full or quarter page and specialized options such as Pointer, Skybus or Jacketed. Ads covering larger area or occurring in special forms are eligible for greater discounts on booking via releaseMyAd. We initiate negotiations based on our experience and expertise and strive to get the lowest prices possible for your display advt in Dainik Jagran.

Complete these steps and check out the Display Ad rates of booking Dainik Jagran Tender, Public, Recruitment, Property notices from the Dainik Jagran display rates estimator provided below. Once you check out the Dainik Jagran display ad rates book your ad by clicking on start booking. 

Check out our Dainik Jagran Display advertisement rates and offers table below and start booking your ad instantly online